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Thank you for your interest in renting the hall!

Our rental process is completed in 3 steps.

Step 1

Read and Review Rental Terms

Step 2

Check Calendar for Availability

Step 3

Complete Online Rental Form

Additional information below regarding:

Rental Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Pricing

Item Rental Rate
Main Hall $30.00 / hour
Full Day Rental $120.00
WI Room $20.00 / hour
Full Day Rental $80.00
Bar $30.00
Overhead lights in the Main Hall $30.00
Sound System & Projector $30.00
Stage $30.00
Kitchen Full Use $35.00
Kitchen Min Use Coffee & Beverage $10.00
Event Set Up (does not include weddings) $25.00
Park Rental (adjoining Cawston Hall grounds with use of bathrooms) $75.00
Wedding Package (includes all spaces and utilities above) $600.00

** Wedding Package includes rental of all hall services from Friday at noon to Sunday at noon. Weddings reserved in advance to two months will be asked to provide a deposit of $75.00.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Can I rent the hall without filling in the online form?

While we encourage guests to use our online rental form, there is a downloadable form available here.

Can I rent the hall in 15 minute or 30 minute increments?

You may only rent the hall by the hour. You can, however, choose the starting time of your rental slot to start either on the hour or the half-hour.